Ford focus smart charge

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Ford focus smart charge

Post by bullstar12 » Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:43 am

Hi, Pretty new to the Picoscope used a few times and just love it :D
Well Ive just got a 2006 ford focus 1.8tdci in with the smart charge alternator, I have followed pico diagrams and set the bnc and 600 amp clamps up, When the car is in idle the wave forms are just like the reference ones but when under load the amp readings are just showing the same around 15v.

I have probed wires 1 and 2 in the plug on the alternator I switched heated rear screen, headlights, fan motor on and the amp clamp is showing same voltage and not rising!

Would this suspect the alternator, Also customer said he tried to jump the car when it was flat and said the "wires got really hot and started smoking" :shock: Oh no!
Regards Colin.

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Re: Ford focus smart charge

Post by Robski » Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:12 pm

the amp readings are just showing the same around 15v.
have you set the current channel scale to voltage ?
Would this suspect the alternator
Who knows with what you have posted, post the PSD file so we can see ?

What voltage do you have across the battery terminals loaded & not ??

Powertrain DTC's ?

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