Citroen C3 sensodrive

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Citroen C3 sensodrive

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Hi All, got here a 05 Citroen C3 with sensodrive, all forward gears OK, it will not go in reverse, when you select reverse you can hear it trying, after about 4 tries it gives up, Ive removed the sensodrive actuator from the top of the G\box just to make sure it will go into reverse when I select in manually. I do have wiring diag for the sensodrive system, is there anyway if I bolt it all back together I can check the actuator with me scope ?


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Re: Citroen C3 sensodrive

Post by Dan »

Excuse the obvious - more curiosity:

Can you not trace the wires out?

If it's only accessible inside the gbox only:
I would run some thin wire (kynar or ribbon type) to the actuator wires and out - thin enough, but still careful that they don't get crushed & short to the casing.
That'll give me a connection for signal work, which I can scope from.

You may get to see the spikes from the actuators magnetic field collapsing (which is good - you know it's working in that sense).
I'd compare to other coils for similar spikes - which might tell you there's a short in the coil.
Knows pre-2000 Fords and R33's better than the back of my own hand.
Anything newer... I'm probably driving it :-(

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