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Postby GRUSS » Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:15 am

PicoKev wrote:
GRUSS wrote:Thanks for the Info pico kev. Matt was one of the first people I spoke to and came very close to buying a scope from him before Xmas but ended up getting one from technical topics.
I'll have to drop him a email and hope there's no hard feelings.. :? :oops:

Moi Boy! Business is business, my life already...!

Seriously; knowing Matt he will respect you purchasing decision and not hold it against you in the slightest. 8)

Out of interest what swayed your decision to purchase from JD?

I spoke to James and Matt on the phone,i think in the end the price for the scope kit was slightly cheaper which is what probably swayed me :o
I'm always open to new learning though :P
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