A few questions about using a 2 channel 4223 with a 4227

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A few questions about using a 2 channel 4223 with a 4227

Postby tomfield » Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:45 pm

I already own a picoscope 4227. I wanted the higher frequency/sampling rate along with equivalent time sampling and function generator.

For automotive application, if I purchased a two channel automotive 4223 scope, would I be able to run the automotive software (having the 4223), but using my existing 4227 to display 2 more channels as opposed to having to buy a 4423 automotive scope with 4 channels.
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Re: A few questions about using a 2 channel 4223 with a 4227

Postby Lee » Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:03 am

Hi Tom

Buying an Automotive Scope would be the best way forward, the Automotive Scopes have thermal protection fuses to help protect the scope in case you were to overload it. Plus the other main advantage is that the Automotive Scopes have a 100V input range where as the 4227 (being a test and measurement scope) only has 20V input, so injectors which can easily be looked at with the 4000 series Automotive Scope would need attenuating with the 4227 so you dont damage it.

The 4227 will not work in the Automotive Software as its not desinged or constructed for this purpose so it wont be validated for use by the software. Only the Automotive Scopes will function in the automotive software.

You can run 2 scopes at the same time i.e. 1 in 1 version of software and 2 in a second version of the software but there will be a time difference so when triggering in 1 instance of software and triggering in another the triggers wont be in line. This will therefore give you an offset in the readings which really is not the best way to do this especially when looking at responses from various inputs such as sensors.

I would really recommend getting the 4423 scope as so many users who buy the 4223 scope alwasy come back for a 4 channel scope as 2 channels on modern engines just isnt enough.

I hope this helps to answer your question

Kind Regards

Lee - Automotive Technical Specialist :D
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Re: A few questions about using a 2 channel 4223 with a 4227

Postby Autonerdz » Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:58 pm

Just wanted to second what Lee said. The automotive scopes were made for automotive use. The higher voltage input and the thermal fuse protection to prevent damage from accidental ground loops. While you can use the non-automotive model for automotive application, you to risk damage to it.

Also, we have experienced the same thing with those who get a two channel unit. Almost without exception, they wish later they had a four channel model once they discover the possibilities. :shock:
Tom Roberts
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