Vauxhall zafira

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Vauxhall zafira

Post by fillmglass » Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:46 am

I have recently bought my picoscope, am getting to grips with it and love it!
I do though have a perplexing problem with this car, and P0130, the lambda sensor when scoped from cold initially switches well but after a short time stops switching and at idle remains at approx 100mv, but when at part throttle will stick at about 450mv, MAF scopes cleanly and well, ECT is working as it should, there are no air leaks, this is an z18xe engine with ECU bolted to side of inlet manifold.
Sorry but I dont yet know how to post images or store waveforms on my computer, any help would be appreciated.
Thanks phrom fill.

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Re: Vauxhall zafira

Post by Robski » Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:39 pm


Whats the car run like as a whole ?

Fuel pressure ?

Can you force rich/lean when it sticks ?

Whats the post O2 sensor doing when this flat lines at 100mv ?

iirc the 2 sensors are the same, swap them over & see what you get ?

When you have captured your waveform click on file & save (click on help for deeper explanation) then when posting on here click on upload attachment & find in your "waveforms" folder.

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