New Product: Vehicle Diagnostic Videos

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New Product: Vehicle Diagnostic Videos

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Vehicle Diagnostic Videos

As part of our continuing efforts to expand our range of test accessories, we have now released Frank Massey Diagnostic Videos.

You too can Benefit from Frank Massey’s invaluable expertise and in–depth knowledge anytime with your own high quality DVDs of his Diagnostic Workshop video features from Autoinform magazine. Watch and learn via your TV or computer — at home or in the workshop, at your own pace and in your own time. It is the next best thing to having Frank there in person! The DVDs contain exclusive videos of actual vehicle repairs, covering trouble–shooting procedures and equipment — which builds into a valuable archive of technical information in the key areas of vehicle diagnostics.

Each DVD has over 90 minutes playing time containing four expert modules.

Diagnostic Workshops: DVD 1
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Video 1: Where there is smoke
Frank looks at an erratic idle problem with one of the latest generation direct injection petrol engines.

Video 2: Bad Vibrations
This time Frank is tackling a tricky problem of severe vibrations and loss of power on a Pumpe Duse diesel engine model.

Video 3: Big Cat Diagnostic
A supercharged Jaguar XKR with the MIL light illuminated has Frank doing some in-depth diagnostics on the broadband lambda sensors.

Video 4: Common Cause
Frank demonstrates an electronic test procedure to establish the performance of the common rail system’s mechanical components.

Diagnostic Workshops: DVD 2
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Video 5: We Have (Direct) Ignition!
Direct ignition, coil–on–plug testing is the subject of this exclusive diagnostic video by Frank.

Video 6: Digital View
Frank demonstrates his method for testing digital air mass and wide band lambda sensors.

Video 7: Open to Question
Frank demonstrates his electronic pressure analysis procedure and asks “What do you see?”

Video 8: Proof Positive
Frank explains his procedure for proof testing common rail high-pressure pumps using a non–destructive method.

Diagnostic Workshops: DVD 3
AutoInform DVD3.JPG
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Video 9: New Regulation
Frank discusses rail pressure regulation on Delphi common rail systems.

Video 10: Finding Fault
Frank discusses diagnosing intermittent faults.

Video 11: Take Charge
Frank explains the need for accurate evaluation of the battery’s condition.

Video 12: Five–Point Check
Frank demonstrates his effective ‘five–point check’ test procedure.

For further information view the product page at:-

Price: See our website for an up-to-date price.

To order one from your nearest distributor, go to:-

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