Secondary Ignition System With PicoScope

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Secondary Ignition System With PicoScope

Post by Guest » Wed Apr 07, 2004 7:29 pm

I buy a picoscope for automotive in years 2000 i diagnostic and i blow it 3 time on secondary ignition system defect( spark jump), and the pico enterprise repair it 3 time for free of charge exept i have trouble for get free of charge

if you buy a vantage Snap-on you have the garanty is good for automotive and long life warranty and the price is probable better with full accessory you need and i have diagnostic of 1000 cars and i never blow snap-on vantage or fluke or Sun-450 on Secondary ignition system bad¸

and you do not need buy a special software for diagnostic automotive is include in the oscilloscope hardware

the cost of picoscope is 1200$ US is really big

Where is my picoscope now is in the drawer and i have scare of use it because the garanty is end if i use it is only for test RC-Cars

and the time to deploy the equipment is too big relative too all others
and where you put the Laptop PC on the hood ? in the top of cars ? PC is a computer and is breakable

any way a recommand pico tech only for play and i im a specialist

Do you know what is ABROLLER AS SEEN as TV is equal AS SEEN on TV
or the Cleaner C.L.R AS SEEN on TV, the betters is the Steam-Matic machine as SEEN ON TV any way a good product i dont seen on tv ?

dont make the same error i made if your are a professionnal buy a professionnal with good market place ex snap-on, otc, Fluke

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Post by Autonerdz » Thu Apr 08, 2004 3:51 pm

Hi Guest,

I'm sorry your experience with PicoScope has been less than satisfying. I would be the first to tell you the PicoScope is not for everyone. Just as different instruments have different limitations, so operators to also.

I have techs in my group using PicoScope in a professional automotive setting on five continents. No one has ever said that are not pleased with it. Many have them set up on a diagnostic cart with leads at the ready. Some of them have many other hand held units, but they gather dust. The Pico is so much more powerful.

All automotive diagnostic techs need to have a good lab scope and the skill to use it effectively. The best scope available is of no use though, if the tech cannot get it to do what thay want. What might be a great scope for one, may not be for another. Choosing the right instrument is just as much about the user as it is the scope.

You mention the Vantage. It's not a scope. It's a great tool though, and many are pleased with it. It all depends on what you want it to do, your skill level, and if you are comfortable with it. There is no comparison between the Pico and the Vantage. They are diffenent tools.

In the right hands, and with a little practice and guidance, PicoScope provides a detail and resolution of electrical signals on the automobile that is unprecedented in the industry.

You can blow up any scope by feeding tens of thousands of volts into it from a secondary ignition. These are precision instruments that require a bit of caution during hook up. If you have spark jumping out of the wires, you don't need a scope to diagnose the vehicle.

The supplied secondary leads in the Automotive kit, when properly connected, are designed to shunt any accidental spark to the pickup to ground before it enters the ADC unit. Still, a certain care must be used.
Tom Roberts
(The Picotologist)

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