New Product: Premium Test Leads

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New Product: Premium Test Leads

Post by Lee » Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:36 pm

TA125-128 leads.JPG
TA125 - TA128 Premium Test Leads
As part of our continuing efforts to expand our range of test accessories, we have now released coloured test leads, BNC to 4mm (banana), to make it easier to distinguish where your connections are when testing components on the vehicle. The blue lead has a fixed ground cable that works with the common ground system of the scope to provide a reliable ground connection at all times. The remaining coloured leads all have detachable ground cables to give more room when testing.

The four leads are available individually or as a set.

For further information View the product page at:-

and then click on Test leads > Scroll down to TA125 - TA128 Premium Test Leads.

Order Codes:

TA125 - Blue Test Lead
TA126 - Red Test Lead
TA127 - Green Test Lead
TA128 - Yellow Test Lead

PP718 - Premium Test Leads - Set of All Four Colours

Price: See our website for an up-to-date price.

To order one from your nearest distributor, go to:-

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