PLEASE READ: Creating a Case Study

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PLEASE READ: Creating a Case Study

Post by PicoMike » Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:15 am

This section has been created to enable you to tell the Pico community of your findings and experiences when using our products. We hope this will encourage the sharing of data and the passing on of any hints and tips you may have that could help others to use our products in a productive, professional way. The threads allow questions to be asked, queries to be resolved, and thanks to be given.

We are hoping the forum as a whole becomes a place our customers will want to visit, and will be seen as both productive, informative, and friendly for all who use it. We want to build the Pico community, and the forum is a big step towards that goal.

Below are a few guidelines, when creating a case study thread:

1 - Use the "Upload attachment" facility to ensure your case study is accompanied by photographs and PS data files (or waveform data of some description).

2 - When creating (or copying in) the case study, please insert the images using the "use inline" button, where they are required.

3 - Formatting is restricted when compared to word processing programs, but anything you feel you can do to make the case study easier to read, would be appreciated.


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Direct Sales Manager: Pico Technology