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new pico user

Post by ecosse » Wed Dec 22, 2010 10:11 pm

hi people trying to get the jist of this pico

have a clio 2.0 4 cyl with a missfire and occasional non start

problem is how do i hook up the pico to find the cylinder or cylinders with the problem

i have diagnosed an abs sensor fault which was easy enough connected up to to front sensors and ran car for 10 mins with 2 identical wave forms then one started breaking down with major (ish) spikes job done

scoped an 02 sensor with was very slow at switching and remained lean for about a second before going rich then staying there for .5 seconds and so on turned out to have a manifold leak which i diagnosed with some brake cleaner spraying

sorry for ranting on back to the clio and this missfire any advice on where to start would be good someones method of approach would be a great help
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Re: new pico user

Post by Robski » Thu Dec 23, 2010 4:22 pm


A few more details on the Clio please ?

I would be giving it a code read to ID the missing cylinders to start with.

Make sure it has OE spark plugs in & what type of coil pack is it sporting ?

After you have provided a few more details i'm sure we could help, IE eng code,Year,management type etc ?

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