2 wire v 3 wire, Magnetti Marelli CDTi Crank Angle senors

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2 wire v 3 wire, Magnetti Marelli CDTi Crank Angle senors

Postby Experimenteer » Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:17 pm

some crank angle sensors have three wires, two for the sense coil, and one to power an electromagnet (i presume).

others have their own permanent magnet, and two wires, one for each end of the coil. some confusion may arise due to a third wire
for shielded cable.

My question is this. In the case of 1.3 Opel cdti diesels (combo etc) equipped with Magnetti Marelli ECU's, is the crank angle sensor two wire with a shield, or three wire nesecitating power and selective connection of the scope to the other two, or what? Does the answer change for the latest versions?

For Fiat multijets with fiat powertrain technologies ECU, same question.

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Re: 2 wire v 3 wire, Magnetti Marelli CDTi Crank Angle senor

Postby Willyl » Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:10 am

Can't answer your question specificaly but can give you some info to work with. In my experience with Marelli sytems,motorcycles, the third wire is always a shield, which will be grounded. A three wire sensor is a Hall efect sensor more typicaly used for speed sensors. A Hall sensor will produce a 5 volt square wave at its output, on off on etc. A permenant magnet sensor will produce an ac wave that will increse in voltage with rpm. Hope this helps
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