4423 for motorcycles

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4423 for motorcycles

Postby Delva » Wed May 05, 2010 6:43 pm

Just bought the 4423 for motorcycles with the latest software and I find some things need to be changed in the software.
And i need some help with the inductive pickup logging.
1)I can't overlay saved samples, so I need to print every sample.
2)I can't change the X-Y fileds on a saved sample
3)When i save a sample, only 1 screen get's saved not the complete time the motorcycle was hooked up
This I need to monitor anny interferances that might take place.
4)There is no function to messure the ignition pickup coils, tried the sensor test "engine speed/position and road speed sensor" and in scope mode, but got no signal.
Maybe I did not coccect my wires correctly, I don't know.
These are inductive 2 pickup coils I would like to messure and compare.
5)When I test the alternnator pahse wires, I can only messure 2 wires, a motorcycles has 3, wich means I have to unlpug one and ....

Re: 4423 for motorcycles

Postby PeterF » Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:43 pm

You should be able to do most of these things when you get familiar with the software.
1. Please use "Reference Waveforms" (Look in "Tools").
2. You can "Zoom" in & out in several ways.
3. Please select "Save all Waveforms as", you can save up to 1,000 separate screens, depending on the number of samples per screen you select.
4. You can always select ranges manually if there is no pre-set for a particular measurement.
5. You have a four channel scope, you should have no problem connecting up to all three phases of the alternator.
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