Megane Injector

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Megane Injector

Post by Guest » Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:41 pm

Hi, Please can someone help me with the following query? I have just recently had all 4 of my pencil coils replaced, as my Renault Megane was shaking whilst being driven, the car drove fine for a few days then the problem started again, and a sign came up on the dash saying "Check Injection" I have brough my car back to the garage and have been advised that I need a new injector, this will cost £100 to supply and fit, my first question is 1) If they had replaced the injection originally, would I still have had to replace the pencil coils? or should I ask for a refund for these, also is £100 to supply and fit a injector a good cost? as Im a Woman, so they probably know that I havent got a clue? please could someone help me out? cheers x


Re: Megane Injector

Post by chrislayeruk » Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:51 pm

Hi, I would go back to whoever fitted your coils the first time as a faulty new coil should be replaced FOC (Sales of goods act) you have rights.
Coils on the Megan are a fairly common problem in my experiance, but new ones should last.
Were the Plugs replaced?
Was compression checked?
Have you ruled out any fueling faults?

Good luck, Chris.

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Re: Megane Injector

Post by Favell » Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:33 pm


Coils do fail on this engine, they have been quits troublesome in the past and we have even had to replace some before they were 12 months old! However they are lasting better now, we do recommend replacing all 4 when they do, however it is not cheap as each coil is about £45.00 plus Vat.

We do not often get injectors giving problems on these Renault engines but it does happen occasionally. They are are a little fiddly to do as they fit underneath the manifold - well away from the coils that have been replaced and is unlikely to be affected by that work.

As previous post says - make sure they do a compression test as sometimes these 16 valvers get a slight compression leak on the head gasket that is not always obviously a gasket failure.


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