pico scope 3224, automotive kit

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pico scope 3224, automotive kit

Post by jlim1 » Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:08 pm

please help, I have a pico scope 3224 won't able to read ignition normal signal, led blinks very slow after select to either ignition primary or secondary. If I switch to read other sensor as crank siganl normal. Also advise to switch the firing line from upside down on some of the ignition pattern. I had download the latest software r6.2.14.0 with window xp operation software with no change.thanks

Richard Boyd
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Re: pico scope 3224, automotive kit

Post by Richard Boyd » Mon Dec 28, 2009 5:42 pm


First off, I assume that you are using a PS-3223 instead of the PS-3224 as the PS-3224 is not compatible with the automotive software.

Instead of using the Automotive drop down menu I would recommend setting the scope up manually. Under channel options for each channel you are using, first select the correct probe you are using. If you are looking at ignition primary voltage, select 20:1 Attenuator under the probe options. If looking at ignition secondary select either Secondary Ignition Pickup (Inverted) or Secondary Ignition Pickup (Pos) depending on which type of ignition system you are looking at. If the secondary ignition is upside down, simply select the other probe.

After you have selected the probe and started the scope you should now have a waveform on your screen. Depending on the RPM will determine the pulse width which in turn will determine the needed time per division which you need to choose. You will want to look between 1 ms/div to around 20 ms/div depending on RPM and how many cylinder events you wish to see.

This should get you in the ballpark, if you have any further questions feel free to post them here.


Richard Boyd
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