capturing and then outputting bit-serial data

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capturing and then outputting bit-serial data

Post by NathanUnger » Fri Oct 30, 2009 3:18 pm

I have a Bosch alternator on my test bench which uses a two pin regulator. It is controlled by a computer in the car and communicates via bit-serial data instead of the usual PWM or 'L', 'IG', etc.
Is it possible to capture the information on the two connectors while the car is running, then copy that input data stream to some kind of waveform generator which will output the same signal on my test bench as what I captured on the car? Then I could compare the regulator's return signal to see if it is regulating properly.


Richard Boyd
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Re: capturing and then outputting bit-serial data

Post by Richard Boyd » Tue Nov 03, 2009 8:11 pm


Either the 2300 or the 5200 series scopes with their built in AWG 'could' capture the serial data, and then export the waveform back out through their signal generator. However, I do not believe that simply capturing the data and then attempting to turn around and output the signal back into the alternator on the bench in going to do what you are wanting to do. What you will have to do is capture the serial data and decode it do get the information that you need from it (for example the code that instructs to increase the alternator output) otherwise on the bench you will not be able to know if the alternator is truly on max output etc.


Richard Boyd
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