Possible enhancements to R6...

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Possible enhancements to R6...

Post by adam7 »

First of all ... Very impressed with the new R6 PicoScope software. Its already full of some very cool features, but hopefully your still taking feedback/suggestions etc, so heres a few enhancements I think would be useful ..... Some of these may well already be in there and I missed them - if so pls feedback how/wher to access them.


1) Add option to scale Frequency Legend, eg:
- so that you can frame a sequence of injection/ignition events and get the RPM
Maybe even go as far as have a option to set the number of cylinders (eg 4,6,8,etc), and then you could frame a single injector/ignition event as get a readout of the RPM (where RPM would be num_of_cyclinder x 60/TimeDelta (or whatever the formula is)

2) Allow a frozen capture to be annotated, eg add comments to a point on a waveform, or even a number that could be referred to in the "Notes" section such "1: Lean misfire, 2: Cylinder 2 TDC".
Taking this a little further, you "auto" annotate by adding a comment number and also x/y axis values, eg 1: 12.0A, 1.0ms ... a bit like the "cursor position tool tip".

3) I like the Merge function. It could be useful to optionally add the "merge" image into the current Capture window as a "ghost" image which can also be moved/offset along the time axis. Might need some thought on how to present/control upto 8 channels though ...

4) Allow each channel to be toggled between visible / invisible on a captured trace.

5) Allow y-axis re-scaling of induviual channels within a captured trace, eg similar to the way you can change the offset of each channel using the "normal selection tool".

6) Fill in the "Number of samples" field for captured traces, eg after opening a capture file would be useful to get easy access to number of samples. Maybe provide a "summary" function for a capture file showing date/time of capture, notes field(s), channel/time base/sampling setup, number of buffers etc.

7) Provide a simple maths function such as ChA-ChB, could be used for measuring voltage applied at an injector by capturing injectors +ve feed (ChA) and drive signal (Chb) both with ref to GND, and then use ChC/D for "other" measurements.

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R6 Enhancements

Post by davidj »

Hi Adam

Thank you for your post.

Your suggestions for enhancements have been forwarded to the mangement team for Automotive Software development.

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