VW ID Range EV contactor operation.

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VW ID Range EV contactor operation.

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HI All.
I am looking for some information on testing the VW ID range EV contactors. I want to look at the contactors welding check operation, VW use a voltage tap operation can anybody advise.

Steve Smith
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Re: VW ID Range EV contactor operation.

Post by Steve Smith »

Hello Gary and thank you for the post

Forgive me here, I am not familiar with the ID range/layout but would like to support as much as possible as this test sounds invaluable

Access is often an issue with EV’s when it comes to contactors as they maybe concealed inside the HV battery assembly?

Where access permits, in such a scenario, we may need to evaluate the low voltage switching of the contactors either via a combination of serial data and/or decoding CAN data

Once again, access to such a CAN network may not be possible outside the HV battery

Whilst the control of the contactors may look correct, it may not follow that the contactors are OK and your proposed “physical welding and measurement check” sounds like the definitive test

I would be happy to look further into this request to discover what is physically
possible, do you have access to such vehicles?

Take care……Steve

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