Hallo from North York, Ontario

Come here to introduce yourself, who you are, what you do, and tell us your
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Hallo from North York, Ontario

Post by Gino »

Hi everyone. I previously used the compact DSO FNIRSI ... for locate intermittent open and simply tests , with no any support compare to the PICO. Now decide jump with new toy on the deeper water , learn and used more advance function. Best regards. Gino

Steve Smith
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Re: Hallo from North York, Ontario

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Hello and thank you for the introduction, sorry for the late reply

It is interesting to hear how you began your scope journey and how the limitation of the scope in use (DSO FNIRSI) becomes apparent as your confidence and experience increases

I hope the move to Pico does not feel like "deep water" and please remember we are here to help.

The links below will smooth out the transition and please feel free to feedback on how we can improve

PS7 can be downloaded here https://www.picoauto.com/downloads and used in demo mode prior to a scope purchase

Our Support link is here https://www.picoauto.com/tech-support

Our Your Tube channel is here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0j4RP ... PdEL-Q7m9A

The Pico App has a huge amount of help and support too https://www.picoauto.com/landing-page/picoapp

Finally we have the library section to help with additional study https://www.picoauto.com/library

I hope this helps, take care.......Steve

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