Bmw wps500x

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Bmw wps500x

Post by Samfriend »

Evening, I have a bmw 1 series 3 cylinder (B38 B15 A) that I think has a timing fault, (misfire codes and vanos faults). Compression with a normal gauge all ok but with the wps500x in the wave form looks weird to me (newbie to using the wps). Can anyone help or advise.

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Re: Bmw wps500x

Post by Rfmotors1 »

Hi Samfriend,

If you can, please post your xxx.psdata file and also the dtc you are getting, pictures from your tester etc.
Then please provide some information about your capture condition, cranking, idling, camshaft advancers solenoids connected or disconnected etc.
It will help other Picoscope users to provide you better advice or guidance, and it also helps to other Picoscope users who may face similar problems.

With regards to in-cylinder pressure waveform and it's analysis, the best is to search the forum and also training section here in Picoscope website, you will quickly become professional user with information provided here.
For example this link: ... on-testing

By simply looking at your picture, assuming its cranking only capture, the intake valve seems to open too late, which would correspond with your dtc.

Best Regards,

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Re: Bmw wps500x

Post by wiki38andy »

Best way to check the timing is with VVT solenoids and Vanos disconnected, engine idling so as to have deepest vacuum pockets.

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