Need to know how much capture time will be saved

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Need to know how much capture time will be saved

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I'm really struggling here with not being able to see how much capture time will be saved on a given setting.

I've been working on a machine with a VERY intermittent fault that only occurs once per day. I had my scope all setup running on 83.3 MS (the default) and a 5 s/div. I jumped in the machine, started it, captured the fault, jumped out and ran to my tablet only to find that I'd taken more than the 50seconds, pico7 had started a new waveform and was only saving 1 waveform at a time :x :x :x

Very frustrating!!!

I can setup the scope on the same sample rate but use 10 s/div and it captures the data just fine. So why would it not save the previous waveform when using 5 s/div?

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Re: Need to know how much capture time will be saved

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Hi, this is solved by using function named "action", I am using it extensively for exactly the reason you have named here.
This "action" function will keep your scope recording until the buffer is full, then automatically save the file to your hdd and start capturing new data, then after buffer full it will save..... and so on until your hdd is full or you stop the capture manually.
Search in forum where Steve always explain new features in detail.

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