PicoScope 7 Early Access on Windows 7 vs. Windows 10 Question

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PicoScope 7 Early Access on Windows 7 vs. Windows 10 Question

Post by DougS055 »

I have been using PS7EA on a Windows 7 Laptop (Toshiba) and noticed a good amount of Custom Probes for the WPS500x in this latest update. I expected that same amount of Custom Probes for the WPS500x to appear in the update for my Windows 10 Laptop (Lenovo), but to my shock they DIDN'T appear. :? :? These were custom probes such as WPS500"Hg, WPS500"H2O, WPS500BAR, WPS500kPA and other similar custom probes. Does anyone know why these would appear in Windows 7 and NOT in Windows 10 for some reason? Is there a way to have them appear in Windows 10 that anyone might know how that can happen?? I am not sure how to make these types of custom probes in PS7EA or PS7 for that matter and have them actually work.
Thank you very much for reading this and any assistance you can give me with this.
Doug S
Everett, WA , USA

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Re: PicoScope 7 Early Access on Windows 7 vs. Windows 10 Question

Post by Rfmotors1 »

Hi Doug,
I believe you are talking about custom probes that are created by individual users, not as default ones that comes with the software.
And I don't think it would be related to windows version, but rather to new installation.
Here how I do it, to keep my own custom probes when migrating to other PC or reinstall windows.

On the old set up where the custom probes are present, add one of them to each channel, click run the capture for very short time, save the file. (PS7 will save the custom probes together with the waveform, no need to connect scope)

On the new set up, once PS7 is installed, open the file from old set up and go to probe setting on any channel, on the bottom you will find your custom probes and you mark each, then click on "save" icon there. Repeat on other probes (4 channel = 4 probes max) and they will be saved in your hdd for next use.

There is also excellent explanation of this process somewhere in this forum, including screenshot. Worth to search.

Hope it helps you,

Steve Smith
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Re: PicoScope 7 Early Access on Windows 7 vs. Windows 10 Question

Post by Steve Smith »

Hello and thank you for the posts

Here is a link that I hope will help with loading multiple custom probes going forward

I think what may have happened Doug is that the PS7 EA on the Windows 7 laptop may have been for 32 bit architecture

Downloading PS7 EA for Windows 10 today would be for 64 bit architecture and we should consider this an entirely new build of PS7EA

I am sorry if this has caused you grief but hope the link above and Romans tip will help

Take care.......Steve

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