bmw n20 engine vvt issue

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bmw n20 engine vvt issue

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this is a 3rd gen vvt case

I got a car with the following DTCs coming back, when pressing the accelerator pedal just a bit to start moving

0x002DCE Valvetronicsystem:No adjustment possible
0x002E0F Valvetronic system: deactivated, adjustment fault too frequent

except the eccentric shaft all factory suggested parts got replaced: vvt motor, vvt motor harness

factory relearn was a success each time after the above faults to reactivate the vvt system

oiling the eccentric shaft was checked as well, no issues

the vvt motor's amperage draw didn't go over 40 amps, while doing these captures - suggesting the eccentric shaft doesn't get stuck (when oiling was check the shaft was checked as well with valve cover off)

I made a ton of captures before the fault, after the fault, during re-learn and the only thing what stands out is the part highlighted with orange: voltage goes down only to 6-7 Volts of the PWM and then amp draw is 0

please see the attached image


n20 engine vvt bldc motor.png

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