Bug - Data conversion: missing information

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Bug - Data conversion: missing information

Post by wbaker »

I noticed that this new software includes a long requested feature - timestamps. Unfortunately, it would appear that when converting *.psdata files to .mat, this information is not carried over and only the data that was previously saved in .mat files is included (when we save data as .mat in Picoscope 6). It is clear that individual captures contain at least 1s resolution as there are timestamps on each waveform in the waveform viewer, so I'm hoping this is a simple patch. I did also notice however that you cannot directly save as a .mat file in the new software, so perhaps this is just because my system is still using Picoscope 6 to do the conversion (I am running the conversion via command-line).

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Re: Bug - Data conversion: missing information

Post by ben.martins »

Hi wbaker,

Saving as .mat is now possible in the latest early access build of PicoScope 7 Automotive.
save as matlab.png
Click Save and under File type select MATLAB.

We would be interested to hear if the timestamp is carried over when saving in MATLAB 5 file format. If you could let us know when you get a chance, it would be appreciated.

Kind regards


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