Peugeot 207 KFV 2008 model year

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Peugeot 207 KFV 2008 model year

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Car came in running but the customer advised that the engine cut out when hot after a run. Initially I did not have that information which was later given to me from the boss. After taking the car for an extended road test the engine did cut out and has never restarted. The engine cranks okay but that is it. A code read produced two codes; P1676 and P0106. Live data did not record any engine speed when cranking and no fault code was present for the crank sensor operation. I changed the sensor anyway and now live data records engine speed while cranking. Two other faults stand out to me and I've not come across these faults before,they are;

1 / Engine load records 39% without engine cranking or running, and
2 / Injector duration records 24.53 ms with ignition on, and when cranking sometimes increases to approximately 30 ms.

No way can them readings be correct, and at the moment I've not got a clue what would cause those faults?

Would I be going down the wrong path by thinking maybe an ECU type fault?

Edit to add...

Found it, rotted ECU pins due to water ingress.

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