Persistance mode in PS7 Automotive

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Persistance mode in PS7 Automotive

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Good afternoon everyone, I hope you've had a great weekend.

I have just finished watching the video from the last newsletter where Steve demonstrates CAN decoding on the Ford Focus with cracked solder joints on the instrument cluster. When he carried out the 60 Ohm resistor test with the resistance lead it reminded me of a feature I miss from the normal software that I can't find in the Automotive software and that is the persistence mode.

I appreciate it doesn't have many applications for automotive use but I used to use this regularly with my 200 series scope for finding the 'blink and you'd miss it' drop outs in FAKRA connections as used on telematics aerials. I know it's possible to set masks and alarms up but the long decay time on persistence mode was just ideal. I suspect it would be ideal for the CAN resistance test whilst tapping components as demonstrated in Steve's video too.

Is this something you could look at adding to PS7 Automotive?

Best regards, James

Steve Smith
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Re: Persistance mode in PS7 Automotive

Post by Steve Smith »

Thank you James for the new feature request and rest assured I will add this for triage with the software team

Being able to add an example application for such a feature reinforces the request as anything that makes life easier has to be worth the effort

I will keep you posted and thank you for watching the video which can be found here ... Automotive where the tap test starts at around 3 minutes

Take care.....Steve

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