Scope Beginner's

Ask any questions relating to the PicoScope hardware or kit contents here.
If you have any questions prior to purchasing the kit post them here.
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Scope Beginner's

Post by Watson »

I am new in the field of automotive scopes, and I would like to have a beginner's picoscope, however I do not have a fortune to invest in my first purchase, do you think that this kind of scope could do the trick 2204a .2205a and what software is used with these scopes.
thank you, I continue my reading in this forum, very interesting

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Re: Scope Beginner's

Post by ben.martins »

Hello Watson,

Welcome to the forum!

Great to hear you're looking at Pico to start your journey into scope diagnostics. Appreciate that the upfront cost can be a little much when initially starting out. Whilst the 2000 series of scopes might seem tempting from a cost point of view they are missing a number of features that you gain from the automotive scopes.

Please take a look at the following posts before making a purchase so you have all the facts.


With regards to software you won't be able to use the automotive version of PicoScope but will have to use the T&M. I would urge you to start with PS7 for T&M to run a 2000 series scope as when the time comes to more to an automotive scope, the layout of PS7 will be familiar.

Hope this helps

Kind regards


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Re: Scope Beginner's

Post by picowight »

A 2204A is so much better than no scope and if you use Pico 7 T+M - available on then the investment you put into learning to use it will be easily transferred to the automotive scope and software.
Personally I feel you only really appreciate the value of the automotive scopes when you reach the limitations of the smaller 2204A
Take a look at Darren's series of videos on using the 2204A and getting the most out of it as a beginner. Though note that most of his earlier videos were on Pico 6 software but the principal is the same.

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