Picoscope 7 "probes"

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Picoscope 7 "probes"

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Hello all,

I have ordered a Picoscope 2204A while I wait for back-ordered 4425A. I have imported probes from Picoscope 7 Automotive over to Picoscope 7 to use on my 2204A. Is anyone familiar with doing this? Is this the right forum?
I have imported a Coil-On-Plug probe with 0-5v scale. And I have a Secondary Ignition probe with 0-50kv scale.
I am using AES Wave COP Paddle pickup and secondary clamp pickup. I am getting some good waveforms. But the measurements change quite a bit depending on what "probe" I select and what pickup I use. Do I need to calibrate my AES Wave pickups? The measurements are also different than what I get on my Snap On Verus also.

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