Basic question on probing COP's

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Basic question on probing COP's

Post by enzo »

I have a some basic questions about getting a good reading from a suspected faulty COP. '

1. There seems to be a lot of noise when I fire up the probe. Should I filter this?
2. I have the older orange probe. Should the probe ground be grounded AND the Pico grounded?
3. I use the guided test settings. The results are out of range on the screen. Which adjustment is best to start to fiddle with to home in on the signal?

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Re: Basic question on probing COP's

Post by jueja »

If you uploaded a screenshot/waveform it would help.....

Filtering may help as long as you do not "overfilter" and loose meaningful information.

You definitely want to ground the probe and ,dependending on your device(4x25?)and the power supply to your computer, case grounding may help,

When out of range you should adjust the volts per division setting, cranking them up.

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