Battery test

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Battery test

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I am running a 4425 on Pico 7 on a Linux laptop. I cannot find the battery test function anywhere? Can someone provide some guidance or advise if / when it will be available. Thanks!

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Re: Battery test

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Pico Diagnostics & NVH are only supported on Windows according the chart near the bottom of this page:

Here's a good test without Pico Diagnostics, from IATN: ... v=4&ar=469

Steve Smith
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Re: Battery test

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Hello and thank you for the posts and the links too.

Regarding battery testing and using PicoScope 7 instead of the PD battery test, could you take a look here topic12701.html where Measurements and Math's can also be used as an alternative to the results displayed in the PD battery test

We discuss battery testing at length and the Pro's and Con's of numerous styles of tests too


I hope these help as a viable alternative to the PD option

Take care.....Steve

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