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New to Pico forum

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Hello from Pennsylvania,
I am a hvac technician and truck maintenance mechanic at our family business. I'm excited to use the Pico scope to help us with the CAN-BUS communication problems we have run into. And it will be interesting to see if it can help with some random control lockouts in the hvac field that do not show problems. Thanks in advance for your patience with my dumb questions! :oops: ~Randy

Steve Smith
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Re: New to Pico forum

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Hello Randy and welcome to the forum

Please don't ever feel as though you cannot ask a question because you feel it's "dumb"

If you are asking, you can bet your life others are thinking/asking too

Regarding CAN and your industry, you must visit the following forum posts thanks to my colleague Ben:




I am sure these will help and once again, ask all the questions you like

Take care.....Steve

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