Pressure sensor (First Look sensor)

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Cristian Enache
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Pressure sensor (First Look sensor)

Post by Cristian Enache »

Hi all,

I've got a first look sensor from Ditex and I would like it being connected to Pico 4425A.
I plugged it onto the A channel and then I chose Pressure transducer/ First Look from Guided test menu.
Though I have got no signal from the device while I plugged it on the exhaust pipe and intake manifold.
Are there some special settings in order to make it work together?

Steve Smith
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Pico Staff Member
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Re: Pressure sensor (First Look sensor)

Post by Steve Smith »

Hello Cristian and thank you for the post

Your First Look sensor output will be a voltage value with its amplitude dependent on the pressure differential across the measurement port

Could I ask which Guided Test you followed and was this PicoScope 7?
E.g. Was this Guided Tests > Pressure Transducers > FirstLook pressure sensor > which test thereafter?

You most certainly should have an output from the FirstLook sensor from either the exhaust tailpipe or intake manifold

Could you try connecting your FirstLook sensor to Channel A of your scope and set the input voltage range to
+-200 mV and your time base to 200 ms/div?

Could you then suck or blow on the measurement port of the FirstLook sensor in order to determine an output?

If you have no output, could you change the BNC lead between the FirstLook sensor and the scope.

The above should help us determine if the FirstLook sensor is preforming as intended; we can then move onto our Guided Tests

I hope this helps, take care.....Steve

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