Recommended K-type Thermocouple for dipstick temps?

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Recommended K-type Thermocouple for dipstick temps?

Post by DougS055 »

Hi All,
I just downloaded and installed the latest PS7 release and noticed a probe for temperature. Does Pico recommend a certain K-type thermocouple to use for checking oil dipstick tube temperature and comparing it to engine coolant temperature? If there is a different type of temperature probe to use with my Pico 3000 series 4 channel or 4823 8 channel scopes, which one would that be?
Thank you for your assistance,
Doug Saros
Everett, WA

Steve Smith
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Pico Staff Member
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Re: Recommended K-type Thermocouple for dipstick temps?

Post by Steve Smith »

Hello Doug and thank you for the post

The Thermistor adaptor (or Temperature probe TA370) listed in the probe menu is not currently available to buy from Pico and therefore not a solution at present

It sounds like you are going to need a submersible K-Type Thermocouple and oil resistant at that.

Given you are using the 3000 and 4823 scope we are going to need a power supply of some form

Could you take a look here viewtopic.php?p=100685#p100685 at a similar request from another forum member who did find a solution using TMP35/36/37

Whilst we do not have an immediate solution at present we are working on a replacement for the TA370

Alternatively, a pre assembled battery powered transducer (E.g. 1 mV/Degree C/F) will support a submersible Thermocouple

I hope this helps, take care.....Steve

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