TA057 v EV Kit

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TA057 v EV Kit

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We currently have a basic Pico 4425 kit, but more so have the need to take HV measurements from BEV & PHEV vehicles via breakout boxes.

My primary question, is there a notable difference in buying just the TA057 to use with our 4425 scope over buying the entire EV Kit? We don't envisage any testing other than voltage measurements, currently on 400V systems.

My secondary question is our breakout boxes require banana plugs to take a measurement - Does the TA057 include banana plugs or is there a solution that matches the same voltage rating?

Thanks, Matt

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Re: TA057 v EV Kit

Post by ben.martins »

Hi Matt,

I think it comes down to the other measurements that the EV kit can give you. The accessories in the EV kit complement the EV guided tests that come with the latest version of PicoScope 7 Automotive. The EV kit also comes with the the latest 4425A scope featuring PicoBNC+ probes which will allow all existing and future accessories to connect to the scope. This all helps to future proof any investment.

If you are only looking to just measure voltages then TA057 is definitely a must when working with HV. The TA057 comes with shrouded 4mm's which can be used with other probes and leads. Please remember though that any lead/probe you attach to the TA057 that is of a lower CAT rating, will de-rate the whole thing. If you have breakout boxes already though you should be OK.

Happy to discuss this further if you need to. Please get in touch by email to support@picotech.com.

Kind regards


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