Alternator RAV 4

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Alternator RAV 4

Post by Slava_RZ »

Colleagues, good afternoon!
I am discovering the world of PIKO, with its ability to see processes at a qualitatively different level! Thank you, the development team and I will have many questions for you! :D
Below is the oscillogram of the current and voltage of the RAV4 2018 car.
The brown graph is current. The other 3 are stresses from different points.
My question is - is this a normal schedule or not?
I don't like the Upper Roller Chart.
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Re: Alternator RAV 4

Post by Frank0705 »

Hello Slava_RZ

Looking at your waveform I do not see anything strange.
A altenator current will never be a flatline, if you would monitor the altenator ripple you would see that the current will follow the ripple. The higher spikes in the alternator current are synchronized with the spikes in the voltage measurement. These are inductive voltage spikes generated by the ignition system.
I hope this helped!

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