M1074 Secondary probe Accuracy

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M1074 Secondary probe Accuracy

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I am using an M1074 probe to measure magneto(Joe Hunt, Lucas) output across a 6mm spark gap.
I have a Pico 2204A scope. Will the readings I get on a std x1 setting be accurate or do I need to setup a profile for the probe. Obviously the probe works and I dont have a problem mutiplying mV by 10k to get the measured voltage.
The voltage I do measure seems high, averaging 2+Kv. I measure the current from a 100ohm resistor in the HT earth return and get 25 to 30 mA average which seems sensible. When you multipy 2Kv x 27mA x 3 to 4 mS duration from the trace: that suggests 150-200 mJ which is well above the likely output of the magneto.

Is the M1074 intended only to give an indicative trace for waveform comparison and therefore not necessarily accurate? could it be calibrated? Is measuring across a spark gap instead of a spark plug under pressure in inert gas, a waste of time?

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Re: M1074 Secondary probe Accuracy

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