Come here to introduce yourself, who you are, what you do, and tell us your
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hello everybody , i hope you all well and safe , my name is soran ghafour , working with cars most of my life , purchased pico4425A ADVANCE diagnostic kit from technical topics in united kingdom , i must say im very new to scope and consider myself as begginer . so im sorry i will be asking more for help more than contrbuite to help other fellow technician , but with support from you guys and my desire and hunger to learn and investment that i have made hopfully not taking me long to help .

Steve Smith
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Pico Staff Member
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Re: introduction

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Hello Soran Ghafour, thank you for the introduction and welcome to the forum

Please don't apologize for asking questions or worry about the amount you are asking

We are all here to help one another and someone somewhere has the answers

You mention "desire and hunger", when it comes to learning, with these two qualities you cannot fail

Please don't set yourself study targets in terms of "time". It takes as long as it takes and to be honest, every day is a school day (beginner or advanced user) with something new learned every day. The problem is retaining what you have learned and this is where the forum can help

Rather than trying to remember everything, retain what works for you and then devise a method of filing your study work such that you can access it quickly on demand when required.

We cannot know it all and we cannot retain it all.

During a school parents evening some years ago I read a poster that said "The mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled"

I hope this helps, take care.....Steve

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