TA473 60A BNC+ Current Clamp

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TA473 60A BNC+ Current Clamp

Post by ben.martins »

Hi all,

Hope all are well. I've put together a very short video showing a technique that we've been looking into.

It involves connecting a current clamp to the CAN H or CAN L wiring on a branch of a network. The idea is that despite the fast switching of data taking place there will be a change in current and thanks to the fast response of the TA473 we can actually pick out the current relating to the packet. Steve Smith did pick up on using a current clamp on CAN in the following post - viewtopic.php?p=98241#p98241 but we can see the limitations where there might be multiple packets.

Hopefully though you'll notice in the video that the TA473 gives enough detail to try a different technique when looking for CAN related faults.

Hope this helps and please give it a try if and when you can and let us know what you find.

Kind regards


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Re: TA473 60A BNC+ Current Clamp

Post by picowight »

This is a brilliant concept that I am going to try out (on a known good) as soon as possible.
It should work with serial comms too.
Thinking about it, if you unplug the module at the end of the branch, it would show voltage on the network side but no current going to the module as there is no circuit. If that is correct could it be used to test network continuity vs dead module, remotely to a difficult to access module? - Might be misleading if the module has lost ground though.

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