6 Volt Charging Test

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6 Volt Charging Test

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I am trying to get a charge reading on an old (1953) Chevrolet truck with a 6 Volt system. I am using a Picoscope 4425 with TA167 probe, set to 200 Amp scale. Pattern shows an average reading of 100 mV, which as I understand it translates to a charge rate of about 10 Amps. I suspect I am not getting much out of the generator/regulator combination but this seems awfully low. Am I looking at this correctly?

I do understand that the Pico software may not be compatible with the old systems, but would like to make it work if possible.

Here is what the pattern looks like:

https://lymanhall.smugmug.com/Cars-and- ... -hztGBZq/A

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