PicoScope 6 Automotive 6.14.20

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PicoScope 6 Automotive 6.14.20

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PicoScope® 6 Automotive - PC Oscilloscope software
Version: (Required for use with PicoScope 4225A & 4425A) can be downloaded here

Once again, a huge thank you to both the software and hardware teams here at Pico UK for their hard work and dedication regarding the creation of our latest version of PicoScope 6 Automotive software

The collaboration between both teams has been essential to ensure the seamless deployment of the new 4x25A automotive PicoScope incorporating our BNC+ probes

Whilst this new version of PicoScope 6 is dominated by the introduction of the 4x25A scopes, all the existing features we use every day remain either unchanged or improved to provide integration for the new Scopes whilst supporting all other generic USB automotive scopes from Pico.

To incorporate the unique 4x25A features such as Channel LED functionality, Probe configuration/ ID, Powered probe auto zero/offset, and backward compatibility with existing BNC probes, PicoScope 6 Automotive (version will now perform as listed below when a 4x25A scope is connected:

4x25A LED functionally

LED functionally can be seen here and is referred to throughout these release notes

Probe Configuration and ID

• Connecting any BNC+ Probe to any channel will reveal a pop up “Toaster” in the bottom right hand corner of the screen
• The Toaster momentarily indicates to the user the probe connected and to which channel
• The Toaster will slide off screen after approximately 4 seconds
• The Toaster will also appear to inform the user of any BNC+ probe disconnection
• Opening the relevant channel options will also reveal the full title of the connected BNC+ probe
• The LED’s surrounding the BNC input of Channel A will reflect the colour of the connected BNC+ probe shell (in this case, blue)
Image 1
Image 1
Powered probe auto zero/offset

• Below we have connected a BNC+ 2000 A Current clamp as indicated by the Toaster
• Upon connection of the current clamp, auto zero and offset is actioned ready for the scope to be run
• No input is required by the user other than to select the desired input range
• Opening the relevant channel options will also reveal the full title of the connected BNC+ probe
• Notice Bandwidth Limit has been applied automatically on connection of the BNC+ current clamp
• The LED’s surrounding the BNC input of Channel B will reflect the colour of the connected BNC+ probe shell (in this case, blue & red)
Image 2
Image 2
Compatibility with existing BNC probes, PicoScope (psdata) and Pico Diagnostics (pddata) files

• PicoScope 6 Automotive (version is compatible with existing psdata and pddata files
• All the existing PicoScope 6 & Pico Diagnostics features function as intended with all of our generic USB automotive scopes and the new 4x25A models
• The new 4x25A models will function with any “mix & match” of probes including third party custom probes
• The image below demonstrates the flexibility of the new 4425A scope in conjunction with PicoScope 6 (version and an array of probes including BNC+, Standard BNC, and a 3rd party Piezo BNC custom probe.
Image 3
Image 3
Support for additional new BNC+ Probes

Below we plot the response of a coolant temperature sensor (Resistance) in relation to temperature using the new BNC+ Resistance lead here and the BNC+ Temperature probe here
Image 4
Image 4
PS6 Compatibility with PS7 files saved using a PicoScope 4x25A

There is currently a difference in the way that PicoScope 6 and PicoScope 7 handle the new PicoScope 4425A and 4225A models.
Generally, psdata file can be opened in both PicoScope 6 and PicoScope 7.
However, if the file has been saved in PicoScope 7, using a 4425A/4225A, then PicoScope 6 cannot recognise the Probe settings.
In order to open such a file correctly in PicoScope 6, you will need run the software in Demo mode or disconnect any connected PicoScope device from the PC/Lap top.

For example, here is a file saved with PS7 using the new 4425A PicoScope
Image 5
Image 5
To try and open this file using PicoScope 6 (with a PicoScope connected) you will receive this error message.
Image 6
Image 6
In order to open the file saved above in Image 5 (saved with PicoScope 7 using the the new 4425A PicoScope ) using PicoScope 6 version 6.14.20, your software will need to be in Demo mode, or disconnect the PicoScope from your PC/Lap top.

However, rather than disconnect your scope, simply double click on this file which will open another session of PicoScope 6 in Demo mode. The video below will help:
Video 1
(8.79 MiB) Downloaded 179 times
To conclude

PicoScope 6 Automotive (version is required to support the new features inherent with the new 4x25A Scopes. All existing features are preserved or improved as part of our ongoing commitment to customers around the world. One such improvement is language translations across the entire application thanks to further collaboration between the publication and software teams.

I hope this helps, take care.....Steve

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