Automotive Ethernet

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Automotive Ethernet

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I do mobile diag and we see a ton of network issues, it seems like more than 1/3 of our calls are network related. With Ethernet on cars now it is only a matter of time before we start seeing ground issues, voltage leakage in connectors, and so on causing issues. I know the average shop would not have the need to scope the bus, but we get the abnormal weird ones.

I know the automotive scopes are not nearly fast enough to test them, but does anyone know what Pico Technology scope might handle these networks, or what specs I would be needing? From what I have gathered a scope with 500 Mhz bandwidth and a few GS/s may be needed. Anyone know a better number here? Either way, not going to be a cheap purchase :(

Also, what might the recommended computer specs be for such a scope? I currently run an 8th gen I7 15 watt with 16 GB of ram, would that be enough?

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Re: Automotive Ethernet

Post by Martyn »

From the latest news page of our Test and Measurement website
100BASE-T1/BroadR-Reach is destined to become the physical layer standard for high-performance automotive applications. It uses PAM3 signaling on a differential twisted pair, which can be impossible to monitor without affecting the signal. Pico is about to introduce the industry’s first non-intrusive full duplex automotive Ethernet decoder, .....
I suggest that you email to discuss this in more detail.
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