What kit to buy

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What kit to buy

Post by TOE451 » Fri May 31, 2019 8:00 am

Hello. I am a "hobby" mechanic looking after my own and a few friends' classic MGBs. As these cars do not have fuel injection, map sensors and so on, many of the tests a Pico scope is capable of, are not relevant. The 2 channel starter kit only covers tests that are not applicable whereas the 2 channel standard kit, whilst covering all the useful tests (and many more) is quite an expense for the use it will get. The relevant tests relate to (1) Ignition -distributor type- primary and secondary readings; (2) Starting and charging; (3) Batteries, Starters and alternators.
My question is what needs to be added either to a basic scope or to the starter kit to perform these 3 sets of diagnostics.
Alternatively is someone wishes to upgrade and has an "earlier model" kit with leads I could be interested!
Many thanks.

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Re: What kit to buy

Post by Iver » Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:41 pm

(1) Ignition -distributor type- primary and secondary readings;
2 Channels will allow you to look at 1 Primary and One Secondary a a time or just 2 secondaries unless you add the Mixmaster 12-Channel Automotive Signal Mixer which will show you a parade of 12 cylinders Via 1 Channel of the scope.
(2) Starting and charging; (3) Batteries, Starters and alternators.
You will need AMP Clamps capable of Starter Current and Charging Current. Channel 2 on battery to look at Voltage and then in depth examination of Diodes, Brushes in the Alternator.

Smart Charge Systems are everywhere now, some do make a very good case for more than 2 channels, however you are unlikely to find that on MGB's

Electronic Ignition conversions can often be found on classic cars, 2 channels should suffice for that too.

As for the cost of these kits, they really are worth their weight in gold in a commercial environment, for hobby work they will save time, frustration and mistakes. Only you can put a price on that. Pico scopes also hold their value very well in the pre owned market (always up to date software) should it not work out for you and your application.

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Re: What kit to buy

Post by Kilo_SSK » Tue Jun 25, 2019 10:24 am

Yes, it may be expensive for hobby needs. If it is good for you - get it, if not - avoid. Plus, you will be working on old cars, with some of the functions of the Pico scope that will be useless. But then you can use it on you and your friends' usual everyday cars if needed, so it isn't worthless!

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