Vivaro possible Cam timing issue

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Vivaro possible Cam timing issue

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Vauxhall Vivaro 2012 2.0CDTI M9R 630 36k miles on the clock

We have just replaced an Engine with a re-conditioned unit, supplied from a well advertised and reputable engine supplier. The old unit had an obvious small end failure and oil contaminated with swarf.

The new unit arrived and all components carefully dressed across, brand new Bosch injectors fitted. When we came to start it, it took quite an amount of cranking to start, we initially put that down to priming and all the other associated issues with a new engine. Sadly the problem continues, it takes at least 7-10 seconds to start then after about 15 seconds of idling, it starts to knock (sounds like diesel knock) we obviously turn the engine off. Cam and Crank waveform appears pretty much the same as the library ones stored. The fuel pressure quickly rises to around 1.2V
After all the cranking, it throws up a code DF024 Crank sensor. The sensor is new and no wiring issues to the ecu (No previous codes stored)
I am convinced their is a valve timing issue. The chain connects the crank and exhaust Cam and is aligned by marks on the sprockets and chain, the inlet Cam is then aligned off the the exhaust cam (cogged). As cam sensor only follows the Inlet Cam, I suspect the Inlet Cam timing is correct but, exhaust timing incorrect. Physical timing would involve new tooling and extremely time consuming procedure. This vehicle had no previous starting or running issues. I have attached a Cam/Crank trace (note Crank reference point anomaly) and an in cylinder wave form at idle. Please except my apologise if they are not correctly formatted I am relatively new to it all. I would be so very grateful if someone could take the time and see if the in cylinder waveform throws up any obvious issues regarding expansion voids.
I am at the end of my tether, with where to go and the customer is obviously getting impatient. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Vauxhall_Vivaro in cylinder engine running.psdata
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Vauxhall_Vivaro cam crank 2.psdata
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