2001 Corvette Primary Ignition Testing

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2001 Corvette Primary Ignition Testing

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Hi All and Happy New Year !!
I am attempting to perform an Ignition Primary Voltage test on my '01 Corvette...it has "coil near plug"...each cylinder has it's own coil pack...4 wires on the coil pack...a control (PCM), a low reference (PCM), 12v power and a ground (body ground)...I am hooked to the control wire and grounded to battery....NO LUCK !!...I have the Pico COP probe (TA204) and have no issues getting secondary ignition placing probe directly on the coil packs...I am using the DIS/Wasted Spark drop down....ANY HELP ???....THANKS !!


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Re: 2001 Corvette Primary Ignition Testing

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Hi Rob
You cannot access the primary circuit on such coils. Use an amp clamp to check coil ramping , use HT extension leads and clip on HT scope test leads , the extension leads give you the chance to check coil insulation using an earthed test lead , Check out the Pico training videos on ignition profiling
Cheers Ron

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