pointer tool values

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pointer tool values

Post by dbrook » Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:36 am

As a relative newbie to the pico environment, I am still finding my way around features and functions of the software

The pointer tool popup with the left mouse click shows the value of where the mouse is in the X and Y domain, and what the values are for that point on the display.

Is there a method to change this so that the pointer uses the X domain but shows the chan values at that point in time, not the value of the grid for each chan?

If for example you measure two chans and have a math chan up and use auto arrange axes, the three traces do not overlap, so if you point at a point of interest on one trace, the value of the trace of interest shows, but the the other two values are of no value and often nonsensical values, surely knowing what the other trace values are at that point in time would be a lot more sensible. When zoomed in it would then show the value of all traces, even if hidden from view due to the zoom.


Steve Smith
Pico Staff Member
Pico Staff Member
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Re: pointer tool values

Post by Steve Smith » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:38 am

Hello David thank you for the post and welcome to the forum.

The behaviour of the Pointer Tool Tip “pop up” you mention is as they say, “Expected Behaviour”!
With that said, I agree when we use the Auto Arrange Axis feature the majority of the values displayed are irrelevant at the point of interest.

I have checked with the team to see if this can be amended through preferences but unfortunately not.

I will now add a New Feature Request for the software engineers to review and prioritise accordingly as we can see great value in the pop up window displaying applicable data regardless of the axis settings.

Thank you again for your input and rest assured all New Feature Requests are reviewed

Take care……Steve

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