Dose my NVH interface work well ? The LED is't on

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Alex Zhang
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Dose my NVH interface work well ? The LED is't on

Post by Alex Zhang » Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:53 pm

Pico 4-axis NVH Diagnostics kit+J2534
Hi there,
I am a beginer of Pico NVH testing from Shanghai,China. I got a set of Pico 4-axis NVH Diagnostics kit+J2534. I tried to record a vibration noise near the wheel. When i check the record, the vector sum XYZ is only
under 10 mg and I can not see any peak.

The LED of my NVH interface in not on or flashing. I guess the LED will trun on after the system connects correctly ? May be the battery of interface is dead, because it has been stored in the kit for a long time.

Anyone can help me ?
Many thanks in advance.

Alex Zhang from Shanghai

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Re: Dose my NVH interface work well ? The LED is't on

Post by ben.martins » Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:28 pm

Hello Alex,

It would seem that the battery has indeed gone flat. The red LED on the base of the NVH interface box should flash as soon as you connect a lead into it. If this is not the case then the battery appears to have sadly died.
NVH interface box LED.png
The battery inside the unit is replaceable so if you were to undo the 4 Phillips screws and seperate the cover you will find a 3V Lithium battery which is a CR123A. Odd that it has gone flat as the batteries have a shelf life of approx. 10 years however of the lead is left attached the battery will eventually flatten. So, once you have finished taking any measurements it is good practise to disconnect all the leads for the interface box. Here are the specifications from the website ... ifications.

I hope this helps and if you need any further assistance please get in touch.

Kind regards


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