New to Pico - based in Cumbria UK

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New to Pico - based in Cumbria UK

Postby markstansfield » Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:47 am


Diesel, petrol marine mechanic mainly Volvo. Wanting to buy a Pico to help me in my work.
Just going to learn as much as I can before buying.
Any one around Kendal or 30 miles plus that would be happy to show me hands on use of Pico.

All the best

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Re: New to Pico - based in Cumbria UK

Postby PhilS » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:13 pm

Hi Mark

Welcome to the Pico forum.

I hope you find someone near Kendal that would be happy to show you hands-on use.
We have a couple of our distributors running roadshow events this year (Preston and Carlisle), although they are more than 40 miles for you.

Please do browse the library on our website for a lot of helpful information

and also visit the YouTube channel - it isn't live hands-on but they do give a great insight.

Best regards,
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Re: New to Pico - based in Cumbria UK

Postby EAAD » Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:55 pm

Hello mark


I suggest in the strongest possible terms you research exactly who you purchase your picoscope from, Moreover with what help and support you’ll receive? In the end it’ll be a preferential thing.

I’ll be very happy to show you the bits I understand but I’m over the Pennines mate and may be too far for you. If not, bring a Volvo and we will have a play. No worries if too far though. As Steve smith suggests try a roadshow? I’ve never been on one so can’t comment.

Learning it is rather steep to say the least, keeping up to it can be challenging also. Training in the U.K. can be 4figures for one week, so budget for 200-300 quid a day. Good luck retaining the information a week or so later :)

You will need training though to make sense of it imvvho or you can be like most and muddle through, in part, cluelessly?

Have a very close look at Autonerdz, and their worldwide outlets, the training and support in second to none. I’ve looked ALL OVER and there’s nowt like it for quality and support imvho.

Kind regards
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