Transporter 2.0TDI CR Outs Temp sensitive

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Re: Transporter 2.0TDI CR Outs Temp sensitive

Postby KimAndersen » Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:58 pm

Now it's even a bigger challenge to find the root cause for your engine problems when a motor tuner has blurred the whole diagnostic picture with a new mapping of the ecu software.

Now it is said - there are several different diagnostic paths that you could take - I would take a closer look at your air mass sensor as I said before actual and specified data values does not macth each other.

Whether this as something to do with your temperature related engine problems - I dont know, but remember one step at a time.

If the only tools you got is VCDS software, I dont think you going to find the root cause to this problem. You need do some realtime measurement either with a DMM or best - a oscilloscope.

You mentioned - that you have replaced a couple of air mass sensor - what manufactor brand and are they OEM type and what spare partnumber do the present MAF sensor have ?

Last question - is this MAF sensor with digital output ?

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Re: Transporter 2.0TDI CR Outs Temp sensitive

Postby JJW » Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:52 pm

Hi, just a thought, but have you checked the cylinder compressions and cylinder leakage? The injector quantity compensation looks a bit off for a new set of injectors (you did code the new injectors to the ECU didn't you?). A mechanical (compression) issue would also make sense regarding the air mass being off too. Might just be worth checking the compression and cylinder leakage first, both with a cold and hot engine before you spend any more money on parts.

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