Modified vehicles

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Marty J
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Modified vehicles

Post by Marty J »

I am wondering if the Picoscope oscilloscope kits would be suitable for diagnosing vehicles that have retrofitted/upgraded different sensors and equipment to what the original manufacturer installed ?

For example, I have a 1993 Toyota MR2 Turbo with obd1. I will soon be installing cops, cam and crank trigger sensors along with a Hydra Nemesis 2.7 ems. Other equipment such as electric coolant pumps etc are also on the cards.

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Re: Modified vehicles

Post by PicoMike »

Hi Marty,

I guess in this instance the waveform would need to be checked against a known good waveform of that particular component/part number, rather than being manufacturer specific or based off of the engine code.

PicoScope has many connection solutions, so hopefully connecting to these aftermarket components wouldn't be the issue. I suspect finding a known good waveform for that specific component, rather than for that vehicle's sensor might be tricky.

Of course if it was for your personal use you could pull known good waveforms from the components as they are fitted, for reference to later.

PicoScope will detect & display the signal voltage etc but as to whether the waveforms are correct will be down to experience and interpretation of the waveform.

Unless of course I have misunderstood your question, in which case I apologise.

Either way, sounds interesting to me and I'd like to hear more about how you get on!

Mike Valentine
Direct Sales Manager: Pico Technology

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