X and Y scale control

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X and Y scale control

Post by liviu2004 »

Help me out here. I captured a signal. Now I want to adjust the Y scale to my preferences, lets say I have on screen -50V to +50V and I want to change this to -20V to +20V or whatever - value to +value at my choice. How to?

For the horizontal scale, I found how to do it, however, how do I change the start time and end time across the screen?

Why I want to do that: to align precisely a good signal against a bad signal, it just looks better on 2 printscreens.


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Re: X and Y scale control

Post by ben.martins »

Hello Liviu,

Adjusting the input voltages post capture is something we can't do however, the advanced features with PicoScope 6 software allow us to do some clever things. The option I believe you want here is to adjust the scaling of a channel or a reference waveform. I'd like to point you to our website where Steve Smith has put together a 'Scope School' section which brings together a lot of the hints and tips that will help you with the analysis of your captures in more detail. I have attached the link to part 3 which has the information regarding scaling and reference waveforms but I would encourage anyone to take a look through parts 1 and 2 as well.

https://www.picoauto.com/library/traini ... and-tricks

In order to align your good and bad captures, once you have a reference waveform you will need to adjust the offset. This is easily done and hopefully the attached image will help explain it in more detail.
Aligning reference waveforms.png
What you can also do to be even more precise is to use the time rulers to measure the time between the reference waveform and the actual capture. I have attached a video of what you need to look for and to be truly precise I would recommend zooming in.

Hopefully this helps and if you need any further assistance please do get in touch.

Kind regards

Alignment reference waveform.mp4
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