Digital Maf testing using presets

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Digital Maf testing using presets

Post by Heardy » Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:49 am

Hi All
now first off all I do try to avoid using the pre-sets and make my own way but I'm still getting to grips with my pico even after all these years so I'm just after a bit of help and direction in where i'm going wrong

The vehicle is a 2007 Ford focus 1800 Duratorq-Di
Hooked the car up following the instructions, tried to get a good capture and all I get is the red 5 volt on off signal which does alter with engine speed, there's no channel B showing on screen and I don't know why
One thing a did notice is that on the left hand scale on channel b its in hertz, but in the actual setting at the top its in volts, why is this and is this why I cant get a capture ?
Any help would be much appreciated


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Pico Staff Member
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Re: Digital Maf testing using presets

Post by ben.martins » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:41 am

Hello Heardy,

Hopefully we can help here. Firstly could I establish what PicoScope you have and which version of the software are you using?

If you are getting a red 'block' of data as per the preset that is loaded when you click on the guided test then that is a good thing. The next stage is to see what is happening to the trace on channel A. If you were to look to the coupling option next to the channel label on the top toolbar we can change from AC, DC and you should see Frequency as well. If you select Frequency then I confident you will see the capture. If we have the data then it is possible to apply a frequency maths channel which can be option plus free's up a channel on your scope.

However, before we get into to deep if you could let me know the two things I've mentioned above then we can start to see what's going on.

Kind regards


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